TPS Water Structuring

With Flaska products, we bring the vibrational structure of water closer to the structure of spring water, i.e. water in its natural environment. Using the TPS (Technology of Programming Silicon) procedure, a vibrational programme consisting of various kinds of information from nature is imprinted into the glass.

The process consists of four phases, each of which includes different media for information transfer and contributes to efficiency of Flaska.

TPS glass programming procedure

  1. Engraving the cosmogram and other symbolsDifferent symbols are engraved into the Flaska products. They are an important part of the TPS procedure, protecting the information in glass from external influences. One of the engravings is also the ORO symbol (in a rectangular frame) – it ensures more efficient water structuring. The last one is the batch designation (e.g. ACK1), which allows for quality management and monitoring.
  2. Removing the old vibrationsThe “old” vibrations are then removed from the glass in order to increase the efficiency of the programme written into the glass.
  3. Programming the products with orgone cannonsIn the third phase, the bottles are programmed with orgone cannons. It is the most important phase of the TPS procedure.  The vibrational programme consists of various information from nature. This phase of the process is the longest and takes 90 minutes. The vibrational programme is imprinted into the silicon dioxide (SiO2) in the glass.
  4. Vibration support with the Quantec systemBy means of the Quantec radionic device, all Flaska products are getting vibrational support. This is why we offer a 100% lifelong guarantee on all programmed Flaska products.

The idea of TPS resulted from our practical experience in the cultivation of strawberries, as there proved to be a significant difference between strawberries watered with “regular water” and strawberries watered with vibrationally structured water.

More information about water structuring:

While seeking an answer to the question of how these changes occurred in water, we first came across Viktor Schauberger, who had discovered in a completely unscientific way that water hides some unusual characteristics. Of course, continuing our research, we could not help but come across modern pioneers such as Preparata, Szent-Gyorgyi, Del Giudice, Pollack, Chaplin and others who have provided theoretical explanations of phenomena observable in practice.

Different tests and measurements were carried out using various research methods as part of the analysis of the effects of the Flaska bottle.

Masaru Emoto water crystal photo made with Tokio water (Copyright © 2013 Office Masaru Emoto)

Masaru Emoto water crystal photo made with Tokio water after being treated with Flaska (Copyright © 2013 Office Masaru Emoto)

Flaška d.o.o. guarantees its products will be fully efficient and will structure water during their whole lifespan.

This page content is based on findings and theories that are not recognised or addressed by official institutions.


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