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Energize your daily hydration

Experience water like never before with Flaska, the glass water bottle that transforms your hydration routine into a revitalizing ritual. Unlike ordinary bottles, Flaska infuses your water with energy and vibrations. The structure of your water will become close to pure spring water.

How flaska works
  • 1

    Fill your Flaska with water.

  • 2

    Give it 5 minutes for vibrational structuring. For an extra boost, give it a swirl or a shake – water loves movement.

  • 3

    Enjoy the refreshing taste of revitalized water.

Get your own glass bottle FLAŠKA.
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Get your own glass bottle FLAŠKA.
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A word from us


Discover the unique advantages of Flaska structured water, designed to enhance your hydration experience and overall well-being. From maintaining a long-lasting fresh taste to improving hydration levels and providing a pleasant softness with every sip, Flaska transforms ordinary water into a superior source of vitality. Learn how our vibrationally structured water ensures efficient absorption and boosts your body’s energy for optimal health.
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Flaska is a proud partner of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) since 2020.
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Cathy McNeil

I have been in the habit of drinking water out of paper cups in the office. Now I will save the environment and
use my Flaska instead.

Anja Harris

I just wanted to let you know that I am indeed very happy with the water bottle. The water tastes great, the bottle doesn’t leak and it is very practical to take with you.

Chris Milford

When I was given a glass of water from Flaska I was blown away by the mellow taste, the purity and the sense of energy coming from that simple drink. I took a bottle for each of my family and they could immediately feel the difference. I always take my Flaska with me.

Margaret Gennaro, M.D.

I am sensitive and especially sensitive to the taste of water. I really can tell the difference drinking the water from Flaska. The water in the Flaska bottles is excellent. Sometimes I’ll get a stomachache drinking even filtered water, but I noticed that never happens with the water from the Flaska bottle. Awesome!

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