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The Voices from Flaska Users Worldwide

Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

Why have we built your trust over time?

Trust in Flaska derives from its innovative approach to water structuring, resonating with health specialists seeking holistic wellness solutions. Demonstrating water’s capacity to absorb and retain energy and vibrations, Flaska promotes positive impacts on both physical and emotional wellbeing.

Thousands of people have consciously chosen Flaska as a step on their journey towards self-improvement. Since structured water is proven to contribute to a deeper connection between mind, body, and spirit, daily and regular use drinking Flaska-structured water becomes an easy and healthy option that transforms into an incredibly easy and positive habit. Flaska-users deliberately integrate Flaska structured water into a balanced and harmonious self-care regime.

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Your experience

Cathy McNeil

I have been in the habit of drinking water out of paper cups in the office. Now I will save the environment and
use my Flaska instead.

Anja Harris

I just wanted to let you know that I am indeed very happy with the water bottle. The water tastes great, the bottle doesn’t leak and it is very practical to take with you.

Braeden, Washington D.C.

I bought my bottle earlier this month at the Slovenian Embassy and have used it every day since.  I really love it. I really like how the bottle can keep water cold, especially during these hot months of summer. I have also noticed the difference in the taste of the water. Even when I compare water filtered with a Brita water filter and water filtered by Flaska, I notice the difference. To me, it is much smoother and does not have the bad or unpleasant aftertaste that I had previously experienced drinking tap water from the sink. I also find that I have been drinking more water daily, which is obviously good for general health.  Because the water tastes so good, drinking water seems less of a chore or necessity and more an enjoyable experience.

Chris Milford

When I was given a glass of water from Flaska I was blown away by the mellow taste, the purity and the sense of energy coming from that simple drink. I took a bottle for each of my family and they could immediately feel the difference. I always take my Flaska with me.


When I got the Flaska bottle, I was immediately impressed with its nice shape, slim design that makes it easy to hold in one hand, cork lid that fits snug and lets nothing leak out and I love the beautiful cork sleeve with LAEO’s CoEco Logo! The whole design of this product is just perfect! I am also impressed that the inner lining of the sleeve is made with organic cotton from biodynamic growing practices and that no dyes have been used. The manufacturing process seems really environmentally conscious and friendly,
which is of course a major plus.
All in all, this immediately became my favorite bottle.
But what I really had not expected at all is the effect it has on the water I put in it. I notice that within a short time the water turns very smooth and velvety and tastes way better than before.  Now, we have pretty good tasting tap water where I live, but the difference is really surprising! 
Structured water is the best.
I think these bottles make awesome presents and I have actually just ordered a Flaska tea pot. Also these make for great Birthday presents so I know what to gift to my friends on their next birthdays :-).

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