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Flaška d.o.o. Privacy Policy

We take a serious approach to data protection and we want to ensure that your privacy during the use of our websites is always protected. The purpose of this Policy is to help you understand which of your personal data we collect, why we collect them, and how we use them.

Personal data controller

If you cooperate with us, you provide us personal data. Your personal data controller in this case is Flaška d.o.o., Zgoša 23, 4275 Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia ( here and after: Flaška d.o.o.), voda@flaska.si, tel: +386 (0)4 53 33 631. Flaška d.o.o. is aware of the importance of privacy. All the employees do their best to keep your personal data safe. For that purpose, we have implemented rules and processes, as well as technical and organisational measures with which we provide a suitable level of safety when processing your personal data.

Personal data processor

Instead of by us, your personal data can also be processed by our processors. Those are other trustworthy companies or individuals that have been entrusted with certain tasks regarding the processing of your personal data (e.g. authorised printing businesses, call centres, delivery companies, etc.). Before selecting a processor, we thoroughly verify that it meets all the requirements, especially that the processor is registered for their business activity and that they provide the required level of personal data protection. Processors process your personal data in accordance with our instructions and exclusively on our behalf.

Personal data processing for the purpose of concluding and executing contracts

If you have concluded a contract with Flaška d.o.o., your personal data are primarily processed for the purposes of concluding and executing the contract (e.g. preparing tenders, invoicing, resolving complaints, etc.). In order to complete an order, we will primarily need your name and address of residence. In order to facilitate communication with you, we will also ask you for your additional personal data when receiving your order, especially your email address and telephone number for the purposes of keeping you up-to-date with your order as long as you agree with such communication.

Personal data processing for the purpose of executing other agreements

If you participate in any of our contests, we will use your personal data that you provide us with via your online application or on the award coupon exclusively for the purposes of the contest, unless you also agree with other forms of disclosure.

Personal data processing for the purpose of direct marketing

If you have concluded a contract with us or are undergoing any other business interaction within the scope of our registered activities with us, we can also use your personal data (name and surname, address, telephone number, email address) for direct marketing as stipulated by the legislation on personal data protection.

Other processing of personal data

Personal data in connection with your order are also processed for the purposes of various internal statistical analyses and controls. To that extent, we predominantly perform analyses in order to determine the efficiency of individual marketing activities as well as controls to determine if the supplements and commissions for our agents and representatives have been calculated properly. Those are necessary to meet our contractual obligations towards our contractual partners. The basis for personal data processing in this case is our legitimate interest, in which case we will use your personal data to the minimum extent possible and do our best to prevent unauthorised tampering with your interests or fundamental rights.

Disclosure of your personal data to third parties

Personal data are exchanged with other companies, organisations, or individuals if we believe in good faith that the access to such data, their use, storage, and disclosure are reasonably necessary in order to meet the applicable provisions, legislation, proceedings, or requirements by authorities.
Your personal data will not be disclosed to other natural or legal entities, unless you give your explicit consent.

Rights of our customers

If Flaška d.o.o. processes your personal data, you are entitled to the following rights:

  • You can request access to your personal data and their copies;
  • You can request amendments or corrections of your personal data if they are incomplete or inaccurate;
  • You can request a deletion of your personal data, especially if they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or if they have been processed illegally, or based on your consent that you have withdrawn, or if there is no legal basis for their processing;

The aforementioned rights can be enforced by addressing your request via mail to Flaška d.o.o., Zgoša 23, 4275 Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia and adding Personal Data Protection on the envelop, or by sending your request via email to voda@flaska.si.
We will respond to your request as soon as possible and within 15 days at the latest. If we fail to respond to your request in a timely manner or if your request is denied and it should not have been in your opinion, you can file a complaint with the Information Commissioner, Zaloška cesta 59, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, telephone: +386 (0)1 230 97 30.

Personal data protection

Because the protection of your personal data matters to us, they will be transferred only via a secure SSL connection. If personal data are collected, the data transfer is SSL encrypted. Your personal data are then transferred via the internet with at least a 256 bit encryption. SSL encryption protects your personal data from third party access. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an online message encryption protocol that offers a very high level of security.

Our website and other systems are also equipped with technical and organisational measures for the prevention of a loss and deletion of, access to, changes or distribution of data by unauthorised persons. Despite regular inspections, a complete protection against risks is not possible.

Our website is hosted by G-server d.o.o. servers, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. More detailed information on the location is not available due to security reasons.

In order to protect personal data, Flaška d.o.o. applies organisational, technical, and other relevant processes as well as measures to prevent an unauthorised destruction of data, their changes, loss, or unauthorised processing. Processes and measures are described in more detail in our internal Personal Data Protection Policy of Flaška d.o.o.

Web analytics

For a more efficient operation of its website, Flaška d.o.o. uses the web analytics tool Google Analytics, offered by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics analyses your usage of the website.

The Flaška d.o.o. website stores cookies for the operation of Google Analytics. In order to allow for web analytics, Flaška d.o.o. sends the User ID to Google, which has been previously obtained from Google Analytics. Google stores Google Analytics data in its servers, whose location is classified. Flaška d.o.o. will not send any personal data to Google. Please note that this website uses Google Analytics with the IP Anonymisation extension, therefore the IP address is only processed in its obscured form meaning that personal identification is prevented.

Google will use these data on behalf of the administrator of this website for evaluating your usage of the website, as well providing reports on the activity on the website to website and other operators involved in the website and internet activity. The obscured IP address that the browser transfers to Google Analytics is not linked to other Google add-ons. You can reject tracking on the Flaška d.o.o. website by selecting the suitable configuration in your browser (option “Do not track”).

More information on Google usage and privacy terms and conditions can be found on the Google website.

Social media plugins

Flaška d.o.o. website can be connected to social media plugins, such as Facebook, YouTube and others.
The plugins are displayed on the website as they are provided by the social medium. When the plugin is displayed, Flaška d.o.o. sends only the address of the currently displayed website to the plugin. The IP address is also sent automatically.

Social media plugins usually store cookies in order to identify their users. In these cases, those are not Flaška d.o.o. website cookies but cookies belonging to the social medium website.

The content of a plugin can be adapted to the user if the user also uses the social medium in question. The content of the plugin is displayed by the social medium and Flaška d.o.o. has no influence on the content nor does it send any data to the plugin based on which the plugin could identify the user.
More information the usage and privacy terms and conditions when using social media plugins can be found on the websites of these networks.

Payment methods

The Flaška d.o.o. website features integrated payment methods of various providers, such as PayPal, Bankart, Braintree, etc.

To guarantee the security of payment methods, payments are made on the websites of these providers, not on the Flaška d.o.o. website. Flaška d.o.o. will not provide any personal data to the payment websites (e.g. the email address, name, surname, address, or payment card number). It also does not receive any personal data back from these payment websites. Only the data related to the payment itself are provided (order number, selected payment method, amount, number of instalments, etc.).

Data storage duration

Personal data collected for the purposes of concluding and executing contracts are stored for ten years from the conclusion of the contract. Other personal data are stored until the purpose for which they were collected has been fulfilled.

Changes and amendments

This Policy can be changed or amended from time to time. Any changes or amendments of this Policy will be published on this web page. In case of significant changes/amendments, a more visible notice will be published.

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