Water and Glass

Let's drink more high-quality water from glass containers. This is how we can take care of our health and protect our natural environment.



We are becoming more and more aware that water is the essential life-giving liquid and that it should become our basic drink. We usually focus only on its quantity as the mantra that an adult person should daily drink between 2 and 2.5L of water is already generally known.

Yet, we do not consider its quality enough. We obviously want to drink pristine water but in doing so we accept everything above the officially set standard to be of the same quality.


The quality of water is also influenced by the materials used for bottles and glasses from which we drink. Various types of plastics are controversial and problematic mostly because they release unwanted or even harmful substances into water – e.g. endocrine disruptors or antimony.

Glass is an inert material that does not release anything into the water. No undesirable substances nor flavours. Moreover, it is much more sustainable than plastic, as it can be infinitely recycled into products of equal quality.

This is why we should:

  1. Drink plenty of waterAdults should drink at least 2L per day.
  2. Drink high-quality waterCheck the quality of the water you are drinking with your supplier. If it is not adequate, you should take steps to improve its quality with a good filtration system.
  3. Changed structure of waterThe vibrational structure of water is disrupted in artificial environments, which affects its quality and taste. Drink restructured water, you will love the taste.
  4. For the best experience:
    • Pour water into Flaska;
    • wait for five minutes;
    • shake your Flaska – water loves movement;
    • take your time and drink consciously;
    • feel the water!

Drink water from glass containers

So let's drink more high-quality water from glass containers. This is how we can take care of our health and at the same time protect our natural environment.

Programmed Flaska products are made from glass while artificial materials are used only for the functionality of some vital parts – some types of protective sleeves and caps. Meanwhile we are constantly searching for alternative materials with the help of which we could decrease and perhaps someday completely eliminate the need for artificial materials.


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