Here is some helpful information that will help you answer your questions.

General questions

Flaska is made of glass. Can it break?

Which Flaska size is best for me?

Where can I buy Flaska products?

How big is Flaska and how much does it weigh?

Does Flaska contain BPA?

Where is Flaska produced?

Does the Flaska bottle cap provide a good seal?

Why is the neck of Flaska so narrow?

What material is the bottle cap made of?

Questions on water structuring

What is water structuring?

What is glass programming?

Which or what kind of information is stored in the glass?

Are you in possession of certificates which substantiate these assertions?

How long does it take for the water’s structure to change?

For how long does Flaska structure the water?

What should I do if I use Flaska for longer than 4 years and would like to reprogramme it?

Which external influences cause the weakening of the Flaska after four years?

Is the structure of the water from the Flaska destroyed if we boil it?

What is the seal imprinted on the bottom of the bottle?

Flaska maintenance

How to clean Flaska?

Can Flaska be used for the consumption of juices or other beverages?

There are signs of scale on my Flaska. What to do?

Is Flaska suitable both for hot and cold beverages?

How should I put on/take off Flaska’s protective neoprene sleeve?

How should I put on/take off Flaska’s protective silicone sleeve?

Is Flaska also suitable for fizzy drinks?

I have lost my bottle cap. What to do?

The protective sleeve has torn. What can I do?

How should I remove a broken cork cap from my Flaska?


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