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The Water Bottle 

Flaska Uniq

The bottle with personal vibration!!

Flaska UniqFlaska Uniq is a unique bottle made especially for you and your needs. We create a personal vibration programme, based on the analysis with the Quantec computer system.

How is the analysis for the creation of the personal vibration programme made?

The analysis for the creation of the personal vibration programme is carried out with the Quantec computer system. For the analysis, we need the following personal data:

  • name and surname
  • photo of your face against a neutral background
  • date of birth
  • area of activity: health, relationships, business success, improved sports results, financial freedom.


Select only one area of activity. You can also write a sentence with additional information in relation to it (what are the problems you are facing, what are your wishes for your particular area ...). Based on your description, the name of your vibration programme will be determined and affirmations will be written (2–4).




Name, age, gender

Area of activity:

Additional information:

A., 42, m


Joint pain

G., 53, f

Partner relationship

Finding the right partner

B., 62, f


Inspiration for writing books

C., 48, m

Business and financial success


L., 34, m

Personal growth

Improve intuition

A., 55, f


Healthy body weight

D., 62, m

Personal growth

To make the right decisions

A., 56, f


Sleeping disorders

K., 33, f


Digestion problems, improve the functioning of the second chakra

M., 47, m


Cat allergy

L., 13, m


Grass allergy

C., 47, f



B., 30, m

Personal growth

Improve focus and concentration

J., 56, m

Business success

Sale of companies and business premises

Team K

Success in sport

Top results in long jump

B., 62, m


Successful healing after surgery

A., 50, f


Creating harmony


During the analysis, Quantec connects to your morphic field (biofield) and chooses the most suitable vibration for you from a wide range of different vibrations. Quantec has a wide database and uses vibrations from the area of homeopathy, Bach flower essences, medicinal plants, minerals, chakras, music and more. 

The functioning on two levels



Flaska Uniq works on two levels, so positive changes can be considered from two perspectives.


Drinking water is one of the most important activities, as all processes in our body are connected to it. In modern life, drinking water is an automated process, even though it is more important than for example tying shoelaces. With Flaska Uniq drinking water becomes a conscious process which we pay appropriate attention to. Since we are drinking water from the Flaska Uniq, which is developed specifically for us, we could say that this water is our elixir.


By sending vibrations, Quantec positively impacts our morphic field (biofield). The vibrations are sent 24 hours a day.


The concept of the Flaska Uniq takes into account the hermetic principle of “As above, so below; as below, so above”, and only by acting on both levels we can achieve positive changes in our lives. Of course, Flaska Uniq will not do anything instead of you. It will accompany you on your journey as a loyal silent friend and support you at every sip you take.

What does Flaska Uniq include?

The complete package includes:

  • The Flaska bottle with the personal vibration programme with the engraved name, surname and date of birth.
  • The Flaska protection sleeve, made of cork, which features the engraving of a special sign.
  • 12 months of sending the personal vibration programme through the Quantec computer system.
  • Warranty against breakage. If your Flaska Uniq brakes, we will make a new one free of charge.


The price of the total package is €151,00.


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