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Drinking Glass Sirius  

Cosmograms on the Sirius glass

Sirius GlassThe glass has some permanent engravings, which have a deeper spiritual meaning.


The main and the biggest cosmogram consists of two circles, two squares, and two spirals, and was drawn with the help of sacred geometry.


A cosmogram symbolizes the source of life (inner circle), our current state (the inner square positioned as rhombus), and our goal (combination of the outer circle and square), which represents the next level of our consciousness. The outer square stands for the earthly or material component, the circle for spiritual or the invisible component. Both elements are in harmony. On the path to harmony, energy spirals are offering support and, independent of the path we take, our goal will always be attainable.


Surpassing the duality is additionally expressed in a sign on the bottom of the glass. The sign is simply called “the up/down sign”. Through this sign, the water energy field connects with the user’s energy field, and the structuring procedure is adjusted according to the user’s needs at any given moment.

There is also a smaller cosmogram on the glass, with curves inside a circle. This one protects vibrations in the glass and ensures a connection with the initial water vibration.


Symbol in the bottom of the glassThe author of the first two cosmograms is Maks Vrečko, the CEO of Flaska company, and the smaller one was designed by Robi Lavin, an expert in the field of geomancy.


Sirius glass is a source of light and water, which are the cornerstones of life. Both elements are so self-evident in our everyday life that only few individuals or experts examine them in detail. There is no need for you to become an expert in water structuring procedure as well, but as long as you find pleasure and express gratitude while drinking water, you will make a tremendous contribution to the collective consciousness and its association with water.