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The Protective Sleeve for Kids, made from high-quality neoprene, offers excellent protection for your child’s Flaska, shielding it from breakage and keeping their water cool for longer. Featuring fun and engaging designs, these sleeves add a touch of charm and joy to your child’s hydration experience. Replacing the sleeve is easy, whether due to wear and tear, getting dirty, or simply wanting a new look. Each sleeve not only protects but also enhances the visual appeal of your child’s Flaska, making it a practical and playful accessory.

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Flaska empowers me since I never get thirsty, always keep my thoughts fresh like water and saves me time too. Not to mention money since I’m not buying any plastic bottles and when running tap water nothing goes to waste, plus there’s less dishwashing 🙂 If you fill up a regular glass, usually it takes a few dcl for you to start filling the glass. It is unnecessary but let’s face it – people do it for some reason, even I do, if I remember right of those days drinking water out of glass ;). It is a little expensive though, but once you get it – you understand the value. I think I’m right about this.