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The Protective Sleeve for Kids, made from high-quality neoprene, offers excellent protection for your child’s Flaska, shielding it from breakage and keeping their water cool for longer. Featuring fun and engaging designs, these sleeves add a touch of charm and joy to your child’s hydration experience. Replacing the sleeve is easy, whether due to wear and tear, getting dirty, or simply wanting a new look. Each sleeve not only protects but also enhances the visual appeal of your child’s Flaska, making it a practical and playful accessory.

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More information

Customer experience

Braeden, Washington D.C.

I bought my bottle earlier this month at the Slovenian Embassy and have used it every day since.  I really love it. I really like how the bottle can keep water cold, especially during these hot months of summer. I have also noticed the difference in the taste of the water. Even when I compare water filtered with a Brita water filter and water filtered by Flaska, I notice the difference. To me, it is much smoother and does not have the bad or unpleasant aftertaste that I had previously experienced drinking tap water from the sink. I also find that I have been drinking more water daily, which is obviously good for general health.  Because the water tastes so good, drinking water seems less of a chore or necessity and more an enjoyable experience.