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Programmed with the Flaška Glass & Vibe procedure, the Karpo bowl enhances the properties of the fruits and vegetables it contains. Since fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, the effects of the programmed glass are easily noticeable or tasteable.

Irregular: Karpo bowl features minor scratches and/or air bubbles in the glass but is fully functional and includes a warranty.

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Certificate of Structural Quality of Water
Slovenian Patent Nº 23318
World Intellectual Property Nº 1 073 719

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  • The bowl is made of high-quality European glass.
  • Programmed with the Flaška Glass & Vibe procedure to enhance the properties of fruits and vegetables.
  • Karpo is the Greek goddess of fruit and ripening.

Instructions for Use

  • Hand wash recommended.
  • Do not place near an operating microwave.


  • Place part of the fruit or vegetables in the Karpo bowl and another part outside, at least one meter apart.
  • After at least one day or more, compare the appearance and taste of the fruit or vegetables.

Customer experience

Margaret Gennaro, M.D.

I am sensitive and especially sensitive to the taste of water. I really can tell the difference drinking the water from Flaska. The water in the Flaska bottles is excellent. Sometimes I’ll get a stomachache drinking even filtered water, but I noticed that never happens with the water from the Flaska bottle. Awesome!