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Eco-Friendly Water Bottle
Make hydration fun for your little ones with the Flaska Kids Animal Kingdom. This bottle uses advanced Glass & Vibe technology to restructure water, making it more like natural spring water. The neoprene sleeve features a playful animal kingdom design, perfect for children. It provides excellent insulation and protection, keeping water cool and the bottle safe from damage. Enjoy the perfect blend of advanced technology, child-friendly design, and practicality with the Flaska Kids Animal Kingdom.

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Certificate of Structural Quality of Water
Slovenian Patent Nº 23318
World Intellectual Property Nº 1 073 719

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Key benefits

  • Flaska has a wide neck for easy filling from the tap and efficient manual cleaning.
  • The wooden cap ensures reliable sealing while the elegant design adds style and functionality.


  • Flaska is a patented product, unique in the market.
  • A wide selection of protective sleeves is available, keeping the water cool for longer and adding a personal touch to your style.
  • Customization options include your name, logo, text, or design.

Instructions for Use

  • Fill the Flaska with tap water, wait 5 minutes, shake the water, and enjoy the improved structure of the water thanks to the Glass & Vibe technology.
  • Screw on the wooden cap to ensure a reliable seal and prevent spills.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Clean the Flaska manually with a soft brush and mild detergent.
  • Avoid dishwashing; hand wash only.

Composition and Materials

  • Flaska is made from health and environmentally friendly materials, free from BPA and other harmful substances.
  • Made from high-quality white glass, manufactured in the EU.
  • The protective sleeves are made from durable materials that protect the bottle from damage.
  • Dimensions of the bottle: 0.5 l – 25 x 7 cm, 0.75 l – 28 x 8 cm.

Warranty and Support

  • For online orders, guaranteed delivery within 1 week.
  • Flaska includes a one-year warranty on material and workmanship quality.
  • A lifetime guarantee is provided on effective water structuring with Glass & Vibe technology.
  • If the wooden cap gets lost or broken, a new one will be sent free of charge.
  • Our quick and personal customer support is always available for any questions and assistance.

Customer experience


I take my Flaska to work every day filled with distilled water containing a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. The Glass & Vibe procedure is a perfect partner for the purity
of distilled water.
The only minor change I would make would be to the sleeve. Currently, it can only be closed with the stopper removed. An alternative could be a wrap round design at the neck (with Velcro to secure) with two small meeting loops for a finger to carry. Water is a very unique substance – as such it is gratifying to learn that the Flaska bottle is made to be sympathetic to its special nature.