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Structured Tea and Coffe for Positive Vibes
The Angelica Cup is a programmed cup for tea and other hot beverages. Using the Glass & Vibe technology, the glass continually transmits positive vibrations to your drink as it cools. To prepare tea, pour hot water over the tea in an infuser or use traditional tea bags. Place the tea bag or infuser on the wooden lid after steeping. For coffee, simply pour brewed coffee into the cup. Enjoy the positive energy with every sip.

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Certificate of Structural Quality of Water
Slovenian Patent Nº 23318
World Intellectual Property Nº 1 073 719

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Key Benefits

  • Flaska’s Glass & Vibe technology structures the water, enhancing your drinking experience.
  • Ideal for both tea and coffee preparation.


  • Angelica is offering a unique market presence.
  • The wooden lid can serve as a coaster for tea bags or infusers.

Instructions for Use

Tea Preparation:

  • Pour hot water over the tea in the infuser. For teas with high fine particle content, first pour hot water into the cup and then immerse the infuser.
  • The cup can also be used with traditional tea bags. Place the tea bag or infuser on the convenient wooden lid after steeping.

Coffee Preparation:

  • Pour brewed coffee into the cup and enjoy the flavor.

While cooling, your beverage will continually receive the positive vibrations imprinted in the glass. Feel the positive energy that will encompass your entire body with each sip.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Clean the cup manually with a soft washing sponge and mild detergent.
  • Avoid dishwashing; hand wash only to maintain the quality of the glass and the wooden lid.

Composition and Materials

  • Made from health and environmentally friendly materials, free from BPA and other harmful substances.
  • The wooden lid and high-quality glass ensure a long-lasting product.

Warranty and Support

  • Guaranteed delivery within 1 week for online orders.
  • One-year warranty covers material and workmanship quality.
  • Lifetime guarantee on effective water structuring with Glass & Vibe technology.
  • Quick and personal customer support available for any questions and assistance.

Customer experience

Chris Milford

When I was given a glass of water from Flaska I was blown away by the mellow taste, the purity and the sense of energy coming from that simple drink. I took a bottle for each of my family and they could immediately feel the difference. I always take my Flaska with me.