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Team Flaska

Maks Vrečko


Managing director of the company, head of development and expert on water structuring. His star sign is Pisces, meaning that he likes water in all its forms. An enthusiastic sailor and kitesurfer during the summer, a snowboarder during the winter. It has been thirty years since his first descent down a snow-covered slope. He also enjoys many other sports and feels at home on a mountain bike or running, while, among indoor sports, he most enjoys volleyball and ballroom dancing. A real bookworm when he was younger, today the majority of the books he reads are work-related. A former professional strawberry grower, now he just helps on the farm in his spare time, also lending a hand with getting firewood, Since here at Flaska, we use wood to keep warm in the winter.



Andreja Vrečko


An accountant and also someone who quickly spots any mistakes in the data with her keen eye and sense for numbers. She also uses her sense of aesthetics to help choose new designs for Flaska bottles. With a smile she likes to spend time in her vegetable garden.  And a few times a week she enjoys various sports that help her stay relaxed. Running, cycling, mountain climbing and swimming in the summer, mainly skiing in the winter. She likes to broaden her horizons by travelling, where she can come into close contact with the beautiful things near and far-away lands have to offer.



Jure Vreček


Head of production, who with a special kind of dance among the various devices always makes sure that there are enough Flaska bottles on stock. His passion are the hills and mountains. The higher the better. Only the most experienced hikers can keep up with his tempo. He feels at home everywhere, from the mountains of Slovenia and Austria, all the way to the Himalayas. In winter, when he exchanges his boots for skis, he enjoys the fun descents into the valleys below. As an excellent skier, he is also a member of the state examiners for alpine skiing.



Urša Hrovat


Working in sales and shipping, she handles our customers’ orders. If you call Flaska, you will be welcomed by her friendly voice. She will take care of everything you need quickly and efficiently, even the most unusual requests for Flaska personalization, and send them off the same day. She lives in the lovely Krpin valley, which offers her the perfect place to take her dog for a walk every day. She also enjoys a good concert, either in Slovenia or abroad.


 Anže Ulčar


Head of marketing, also responsible for the personalization of Flaska bottles for corporate gifts. With his wealth of experience he makes sure that your present will bring pleasure to the recipient for a long time to come. He spent part of his youth as a professional hockey goalkeeper, but now enjoys it on a more recreational level. He loves running and cycling in the summer and cross-country skiing in winter, mainly in the vicinity of Pokljuka. He goes on a family trip at least once a year where they get to know nature, people and customs.



Jure Gmajnar


Head of sales and also in charge of delivering of Flaska bottles to distributors around the world. Despite having to navigate among the many e-mails, telephone and Skype calls, he still manages to do all this with a smile. When he was younger he competed in snowboarding, and now is the head of the Slovenian Demo team. He loves all types of sports, with his favourites being climbing and surfing. He goes camping with his family so they can stay close to nature at all times. And he also has a vegetable garden to tend to.



Doroteja Muhič


She is in charge of sales in German-speaking markets, while also looking after our Italian customers. When she was younger she was an active competitor in snowboarding, later a member of the Demo team, now she evaluates future snowboarding instructors as a member of the state examiner committee. During the summer she takes in the fresh air on her mountain bike, rollerblades or strolling along mountain paths, and during the winter she enjoys cross-country skiing. A passionate board game player, she spends her evenings with like-minded people, testing her skills in memory, strategy and skill.


Jerneja Pavlič


Getting the Flaska bottles ready for customers and giving her input in various phases of production. With a smile on her face she also organizes the collection of goods from suppliers. She dedicates most of her free time to helping the firefighters in Begunje, where she runs the youth sections and is a member of the competing team. As an operative member she goes on call, even as a fire engine driver. She enjoys spending her remaining free time in nature, taking walks with her husky Maya. Her hidden dream is to learn sailing.