Drinking bottled water if good quality tap water is available is pointless and harms the environment. By using reusable water bottles like Flaska you will lower the amount of dumped plastic bottles and reduce your carbon footprint as well.


According to some data an average person in EU consumes annually up to 191 litres of bottled water. You can see the reasons behind this in one of the best films made on this topic: The story of Bottled water (8:04)



The story of bottled water  The story of bottled water



Use a reusable Flaska bottle to drink water from. It is environmentally friendly, economical and good for our health. This is our personal bottle for daily use at home and at work, in the car or for sports.

Every plastic bottle makes a difference. Every Flaska bottle makes a difference: we have calculated  the carbon footprint of Flaska bottle and found that an average person may save up to 95% of CO2 emissions caused by water drinking by changing their water–drinking habits.



The Flaska bottle has successfully passed the baptism by fire. If nothing else, its contribution to ecology counts. I wish that the Flaska bottle successfully makes its way onto the market and prevails over the plastic bottles :)). Regarding the taste of water in the Flaska, which I drink one day after filling it, I could perhaps only say that I have the feeling that water runs more smoothly down my throat :)). It is a pleasant silky feeling.andreja




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