Meet Flaska!

Meet Flaska in just two minutes. A movie clip about Flaska and water structuring.

How to choose your Flaska?

A mini guide for you so you can choose the right Flaska!

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Flaska – the reusable glass water bottle

Flaska is a reusable glass water bottle which will help you to take care of your health, the environment and save some money as well. There are many reusable water bottles, some of them also made from glass, but there is only one Flaska bottle. What makes it so special? It is programmed using the TPS procedure, which results in changed structure of the water in the Flaska bottle.


Flaska reusable glass water bottle – your portable water spring


Flaska bottle comes in two sizes and many different designs, because reusable water bottles don’t need to be only smart and useful, they have to look nice as well. Our mini guide How to choose your Flaska bottle will help you pick the one that suits you best.



Not that I'm an expert on informed water, but it does seem that the water from Flaška is slightly softer. I'm particularly pleased that I can pour it straight from the tap and carry it around in a glass container... Peter, June 2010
I can't say whether the water from Flaška tastes better or worse, but I have felt that it is different, softer. Brane, August 2011
Sometimes a simple product is presented to us that has a subtle but perceptible affect. Flaska is that kind of product! You know there is a change, you feel it, and then you realize it is the simplicity of the water you are drinking from this wonderful bottle. It is like drinking from a fresh mountain spring at the base of a waterfall. It makes life good! Randy Huntington (Mike Powell`s coach)
When I was given a glass of water from Flaska I was blown away by the mellow taste, the purity and the sense of energy coming from that simple drink. I took a bottle for each of my family and they could immediately feel the difference. I always take my Flaska with me. Chris Milford, Schiatsu coach
I have been in the habit of drinking water out of paper cups in the office. Now I will save the environment and use my Flaska instead. Cathy McNeil